Dol Go-Ims, more commonly referred to as Dol (dohl) Towers, were not traditionally used in a Korean first birthday celebration.   Dol Towers were originally used at the 60th or 70th birthday celebration where they symbolized all achievements within a lifetime. Today they have become a staple at the modern day dol and are used to decorate the dolsang.

The chuk (chook) dol tower is one of the more popular dol towers seen to decorate a dolsang.  A picture of the animal of the Korean year the child was born in, and the baby’s Korean name are also very popular dol towers.  Lots of moms like to supplement these towers with beautiful decorative towers using the party’s color scheme, party theme and various candies.  This is a great way to be creative, and give your child a unique dolsang.  Find inspiration for your dol towers on our gallery page here

As beautiful as the towers are, they do require some time and effort to make.  No one said gluing hundreds of tiny beans to an oatmeal can was going to be easy!  Many party planners create their own dol towers, however they can also be purchased through online dol specialty stores.

dol tower lunar year

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