dol ring

It has been a long standing tradition to gift a gold ring (dol ring) to a Korean baby on their first birthday.  It was not unusual for a child to receive anywhere from 5 to 20 dol rings.

Gold has often been used to mark significant moments in a Korean’s life.  Gold jewelry and watches were common gifts given at a wedding, and gold gifts were presented to employees upon retirement. 

The gold given at a Korean first birthday wishes the birthday child good health, fortune and prosperity.  The thought is that when the child comes of age, the gold can be sold for money.  However many parents today prefer to save the gold with the thought of melting it together into a special keepsake for the child once they are older.

More recently, as gold prices skyrocketed fewer rings were given.  While boxed gifts and cash are becoming more and more common, close family members still often choose the traditional dohl ring or dol bracelet as a gift.

Outside of South Korea, and the metropolitan areas in California and New York, dohl rings can be hard to find.  Bullionfrenzy is a California based Etsy store that sells beautiful handcrafted dol rings as well as dol bracelets.

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