The doljabi is the main event at a traditional Korean first bithday party.  The baby, often dressed in a dolbok, is placed in front of several items.  The item the child chooses is believed to predict their future.  Guests are often give the open to guess which item the child will choose and then a doljabi raffle is held.  The winner usually receives a small prize.

Traditional doljabi items include

    5 color thread = artist
    Brass coin = wealth
    Book/Brush/Ink stone = scholar
    Thread = long life (Long thread/yarn necklace can be worn during ceremony)
    Stethescope = doctor
    Gavel = judge
    Brushes= Artist

Modern doljabi items can include
    Pencil= Scholar 
    Stethoscope= Doctor
    Gavel= Lawyer
    Money= Weathy/Entrepreneur 
    Microphone= Entertainer
    Hammer= Architect
    Brushes= Artist
    Ball= Athlete