fall birthday party color palette

One of the more enjoyable parts of planning any party is choosing the color scheme.  Whether its matching your invitation with your plates and napkins, or decorating a large dolsang it is an important factor in setting the tone of your party.  It’s also a lot of fun! 


1. Apricot, Sea Green, Navy and Gold

Love the use of the navy in this color palette, it gives the whole color scheme a more unique and refined feeling.


source Etsy.com


2. Peach, Almond, Clementine, & Coral

A wonderfully light and whimsical color palette for your fall party. 

Source Martha Stewart


3. Ivory, Tumbleweed, Ballet Pink, & Sea Green

The warm undertones in this sophisticated palette make it perfect for a fall birthday party.



4. Orange,  Cerulean Blue and Turquoise

This bright and fun color scheme offers so many possibilities. 



5. Sky Blue, Gray, Burlap & Pumpkin

A wonderful color theme for a little boy’s fall first birthday.


source Catch My Party